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Link to new table view with same search criteria. #1073

Closed Rooze McKelvey opened this topic on on Sep 3 - 2 comments

Rooze McKelvey commented on Sep 3


User searches for a project ID and views a project summary page. Navigation allows for also viewing other aspects (tasks, tickets, etc) of that same project. How can I build the navigation so that it goes to the desired page for that same project?


Eugene commented on Sep 4


What do you mean saying "Navigagtion"?

But if I understood your case correctly you can use formatValue property. If I need that a part of the table output was a link I do something like this:

"formatValue" => function ($value, $row) {
                        return "<a  href='../tasks.php?project_Id=" . $row['project_Id'] . "'target=\"subreport\">$value</a>";

with $row variable you can get access to all your data in the current row, I think project id must be in your data row so you can use it to pass project id to the subreport.

Or if you have project_Id as a parameter from some input control you can use this parameter anywhere in your report including your navigation control.

Rooze McKelvey commented on Sep 4

Thanks; don't know why I struggled with that so much yesterday! Makes perfect sense today. :-)

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