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Waterfall chart #1068

Open sajid opened this topic on on Aug 30 - 5 comments

sajid commented on Aug 30

Any sample for how to build a waterfall chart using KoolReport Pro?

KoolReport commented on Sep 2

Currently we have not had the waterfall chart. Do you currently use any kinds of javascript waterfall chart?

sajid commented on Sep 2


Eugene commented on Sep 3


this type of chart is very popular in finance reports... it would be great if you add it to Kollreport package

KoolReport commented on Sep 6

Hi Sajid,

If you have the canvasjs waterfall chart then you need to connect data from dataStore of KoolReport to the dataPoints of Waterfall. Here are few step:

  1. Paste the script link to the canvasjs in the view of your report ( so that canvasjs can be loaded)
  2. Prepare the data for dataPoints. dataPoints is an array of object containing label and value so we will do this:
$dataPoints = array();
foreach($this->dataStore("yourstore") as $item)

Now you have the the PHP array $dataPoints, In order to convert it into dataPoint of canvasjs, you will use the json_encode() function:

3 Create your waterfall like you normally do, and at the dataPoints settings, you do:

var chart = new CanvasJS.Chart("chartContainer", {
        dataPoints:<?php echo json_encode($dataPoints); ?>

All done! Hope that helps.

Eugene commented on Sep 6

Great, thank you

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