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Align columns-pivot table #1038

Closed SOFMAN opened this topic on 6 days ago - 4 comments

SOFMAN commented 6 days ago

How to align columns to the right in a pivot table?

Eugene commented 6 days ago

Hi, for me the following works

For example if i need to set style for the name column I do


 "cssClass" => array(
            "td" => function ($row, $columnName) {
                return ($columnName == "name") ? "cell-class-name" : "cell-class";

where css style

.cell-class-name {
    text-align: right;
SOFMAN commented 6 days ago

Iit's a PivotTable not a Table

Eugene commented 6 days ago

PivotTable (version >= 6.0.0) has also the "cssClass" property so the logic is the same

you can do something like this

'cssClass' => array(
                'rowHeader' => function($value, $cellInfo) {

                    return "cell-class-name";

to get the following

More info here

SOFMAN commented 5 days ago

Thanks, if it worked

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