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Blank PDF trying to export big block of data #1035

Closed Marco Arredondo opened this topic on on Aug 9 - 3 comments

Marco Arredondo commented on Aug 9

Hi Koolreport Team,

I'm making a report using the PivotMatrix widget and now it's working very well. The data query for this report and the information detail retrieve aproximmetly 12,000 records in total.

I have a problem trying to export this report to PDF. I've noticed that the problem is the big block of data because if I limit the query to 5,000 records the exported PDF file has no issue, but when I work with the complete query all I have is a PDF file with all the pages in blank.

Do you know why this is happening?

I hope you can help me.


KoolReport commented on Aug 10

So if you test with small block of data, does it work?

Marco Arredondo commented on Aug 12

Yes, it works with small block of data.

As I said, if I limit the query for example to 5,000 records instead of the 12,000, the exported PDF file is well generated.

KoolReport commented on Aug 13

Could you please try to increase the resourceWaiting time

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