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Query is working on MySQL Workbench but columns are blank in the report #1031

Open paulo opened this topic on on Aug 6 - 4 comments

paulo commented on Aug 6

Hi All, I have a query that works on mysql and shows the right results, however when I plug in the report the columns client and tourname are blank.

  $this->src('mysql')->query("SELECT  act.Type, act.Due_date, act.Subject, T.number, T.name as tour, C.name as client, act.Status, act.notes,  
                       concat_WS(' ' ,T.number, ' ',T.name) as tourname 
                         FROM activities as act
                         left join tours as T on T.id = act.activatable_id AND act.activatable_type='App\\Tour' 
                         left join clients as C on C.id = act.activatable_id AND act.activatable_type='App\\Client'
                          act.Status!='Completed' AND act.staff_id=$staff_id
                         order by act.Due_date ASC;    ")


        "dataStore" => $this->dataStore("searchableActivities"),
           // "paging"=>true,


thank you

KoolReport commented on Aug 7

I see that you have act.staff_id=$staff_id in your SQL, do you define the $staff_id? If it is null then it will cause error.

paulo commented on Aug 7

yes, I'm passing the id to the report: $report = new MyActivitiesReport(array(



On the report class, using debug I can see the number: "MyActivitiesReport this staff id=1"

 function setup()

        Log::debug("MyActivitiesReport this id=".$this->params["userId"] );
        $id = $this->params["userId"]; //Auth::user()->id;
        $staff_id = Staff::where(['user_id' => $id])->value('id');
        Log::debug("MyActivitiesReport this staff id=".$staff_id );

When replacing in MySQL $staff_id with 1 it works and brings results back with all columns. thank you

KoolReport commented on Aug 7

Let say if you input directly "act.staff_id=1" in the SQL statement in the report, also remove the ";" at the end of SQL statement. Does it work?

paulo commented on Aug 8

thank you for replying. I tried with 1 and removing and keeping the ";". The columns are still coming blank. It is very strange because it works inside of Workbench which makes me believe could be a potential bug in the reporting system ? I even tried just this in the view and it didn't work: <?php

  //  "dataSource"=>$this->dataStore("searchableActivities"),
    "dataStore" => $this->dataStore("searchableActivities"),



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