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Drilldown on table does not work when clicked on the footer total row? #1016

Open Rajesh opened this topic on on Jul 29 - 3 comments

Rajesh commented on Jul 29

Hi Koolreport,

I have implemented drilldown on table based on your package. When clicked on individual rows, drilldown works fine and I am able to see the details related to that row. But, when I click on the auto populated "Total" row ("footer"=>"sum"), I get empty table saying "No data available in table". Could you please let me know if it is possible to get all the details based on below image when clicked on "Total" row?

To be more precise, in below image, the tables with arrows that have green text "Drilldown" is achievable with Koolreport package but I am unable to achieve the table with arrow having red text "How to achieve below drilldown?" Please let me know.



KoolReport commented on Jul 30

You can write custom condition in rowClick event of table that only call next() method of drilldown if there is data from table. Note the total rows does not have data.

Rajesh commented 6 days ago

Hi Koolreport,

Thanks for the response and sorry for late reply. Can you please post the code on how to not allow drilldown when there is no data. I did try couple of options but did not have any luck. Below is the code for clientEvents => rowClick event in my php page.




Rajesh commented 5 days ago

No worries. Found the solution. Thanks!

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