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The best gift you could give yourself this festive season - save your time and effort in any reporting tasks of next year - Merry Christmas!

KoolRport Pro is a compatible, powerful yet easy-to-use framework to construct the excellent data reports, KPI dashboards or even a big BI center.

  1. Compatible with PHP7.0 to latest, all MVC frameworks and modern CI/CD.
  2. Connect to various datasources
  3. Myriad of built-in data processes to transform your data from raw to the meaningful information
  4. Beautiful Visualization with Google Charts, ChartJs, D3 etc.
  5. Best looking report with Bootstrap.

When you own KoolReport Pro, you will

  1. Have full source-code to learn, debug and even customize to your own need.
  2. Be able to create Unlimited reports in Unlimited projects and run on Unlimited servers.
  3. Access to priority support with experienced software engineers and data experts.
  4. Get the free upgrade frequently.

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KoolReport helps to analyze your data and ultimately turn them into visual reports or dynamic dashboards.

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